John A. White Jr.

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Engineering professional with expertise in the area of CAE, research and product design. Experienced in the automotive, plastics and aerospace industries. Expertise in CFD fluid flow analysis, FEM, air-born acoustics, structure-born acoustics, engine simulation acoustics and induction system design.  Proficiencies include dynamic, static and optimization finite element analysis. Skilled at using CAD and CFD to design complex aerodynamic shapes. Have written several acoustic design programs and published over 10 papers on engine induction system design. Unique strength in developing analytical and experimental analysis methods to strengthen product design when supporting technology that was non-existent such. Develop high performance HVAC and engine induction system designs in terms of flow restriction and acoustics. Developed course material, taught acoustic/flow technology to customer and product design teams. Organized technical conferences and design teams as well.




Acoustic Flow Solutions, Grand Blanc, Mi                                                                                                     Present


acoustic & fluid flow consultant

Provide acoustic and fluid flow engineering support to companies with limited Computer-Aided Engineering budgets. Specializing in using extensive CAE experience to reduce cost of FEM and CFD analysis. Providing low cost air flow and acoustic analysis.


Delphi Energy and Chassis, Air Measurement & Controls, Flint, MI                                         1984-2008


Staff Research Engineer III

Supported the refinement of Delphi induction system designs for hydrocarbon, acoustic and flow restriction performance. Provided analytical and design guideline support to the AIS Designers and Engineers. Provided presentation materials for the Customer as required.  Trained Air Induction Group on basics of air induction design and organized acoustic conferences at GM.



E I DuPont, Circleville, OH                                                                                                                                    1979-1984


Pneumatic Conveying Engineer

Designed and supported air conveying system for chipped Mylar plastic film.  Improved internal airflow efficiency of film waste management system.



Rockwell International, Columbus, OH                                                                                                         1973-1978


Aeronautical Engineer

Performed engine thrust augmentation analysis on vertical take off aircraft.  Performed various analytical analysis of aircraft performance.






Advanced Professional Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI





Finite Element shape & size optimization – VMA Engineering/Genesis

Internal Fluid Flow Analysis – Fluent

Design of Experiments – Delphi

Finite Element Modeling – Altair / Hypermesh

Internal Flow Acoustics & Engine Simulation  – University of Missouri

CAD – Unigraphics & Solid Edge

Sysnoise – LMS

Induction System Hydrocarbon Modeling – Fluent



Dale Carnegie Course, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc



Community Service


National Technical Association, President, Columbus, OH                                                              1980-1984


FIRST Robotics Competition, TEAM LEADER, Flint, Michigan                                                        1997-2001


THE GOSPEL ARMY BHG, FOUNDER &PRESIDENT, Flint, Michigan                              1997-Present






1. Induction System Acoustic Design Guidelines

2. Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Active Induction Noise Control.

3. Acoustic Optimization of Internal Combustion Engine Induction Systems.

4. Three Dimensional Induction System Acoustic Modeling with Acoustic Wave Finite Elements.

5. Transfer Function Techniques for Automotive Interior Noise Due to the Induction system.

6. Acoustic Modeling and Optimization of Induction System Components.

7. Plane Wave and Finite Element Models of Induction Manifolds.

8. Air Cleaner Shell Noise Analysis with Plate and Shell Theory.

9. Air Cleaner Shell Noise Reduction with Finite Element Shape Optimization, SAE Paper 971876    This paper was also presented at:
·    GM Powertrain Headquarters, July 23, 1997
·    Delphi Analysis Forum, November 18,1997
·    Opti CON 98, Oct. 9 1998

10. Practical Applications of Optimization Theory to Induction System Design


Patent Awards


1. John A. White, Jr., United States Patent, Oct. 25, 1988, Internal Combustion Engine Air Cleaner Inlet Diffuser, Patent No. 4,779,586.

2. John A. White, Jr., United Sates Patent, Jan. 15, 1988, Vehicle and Powertrain for use by Children, Patent No. 4,984,645.

3. John A. White, Jr., United Sates Patent Pending, Aug. 5, 2005, Dual-Neck Plane Wave Resonator.


Trade Secret


1. Optimal Shape and Area Ratio Bends


Research Disclosure


1.      Active Induction Noise Control, 1990

2. Optimal Shape Catch Arm for Cantilever Latches, October 2000